Osama bin Watchen …

Apparently OBL just couldn’t wait for his promised 72 vestals. Reports are coming in that Osama Bin Laden had quite a collection of pornographic videos. What is baffling officials, is how he was able to obtain such a large quantity of this literature without the connectivity that he was believed not to have had at his disposal.

I think the Pakistanis were supplying him with the extensive digital library, but that is just my opinion of course.

Perhaps Internet porn sites were being used to send coded messages to members of the Al Qaeda network here in the U.S.  This would raise a couple of questions.  Isn’t pornography a huge no-no with those guys?  And secondly, what sites are they?  Not sure about that first question but through intensive research have uncovered the top 10 porn sites visited by Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda members:

Top 10 Osama Bin Laden Porn Sites

#10. Bangin_Burka.com
#9.  Al_Show_You_My_Qaeda.net
#8.  Hide_In_My_Cave.com
#7.  Sunni-Side-Up.org
#6.  Ji-STRING-had.net
#5.  Ghurka_Jerkins.org
#4.  Behind-The-Green-Grotto.edu
#3.  Sheep Goat.com
#2.  Debbie-Does-Dubai.com
#1.  Arabian_MILFS.com (Muftis I’d Love to Fiqh)

See: Osama Bin Ladin (sic) Had An Extensive Porn Stache (siccer).

Sis Goom Bah

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