It’s SSOOO Soylent Green

metro_museumJust think, in a couple more millenia, future archeologists will be digging around through the layers of strata/time that represent us today.  What conclusions will they draw?  I can imagine that they may believe that Starbuck’s was a place of worship, Ronald McDonald a deity, automobiles our exoskeletons and perhaps they may presume that plastic was the fabric of our clothing.  They will also most likely wonder what our diets consisted of.

The movie “Soylent Green”, which I remember seeing as a small child, was an interesting sci-fi type movie.  It featured Charlton Heston, Joseph Cotten, Chuck Conners, Leigh Taylor-Young and was Edward G. Robinson’s final movie before his death in 1973 (same year movie released).  What occurred to me today are the parallels between that movie 36 years ago and the actual circumstances of this day and age.  The movie was a foretelling of life in an extremely over-populated New York City in the year 2022. 

Another sci-fi movie from just a few years earlier but also starring Charlton Heston was the original “Planet Of The Apes”.  If you really think about it, that one also has many Nostradamus-like premonitions.

Something to ponder.

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